Welcome to the World Harps Collection.

A collection of Mouth Harps from around the world.


Buying, selling, and distributing Mouth Harps (also known as Jew’s Harps or Jaw Harps) since 2003, Neptune Chapotin has made it his personal quest to travel to countries around the world to meet master makers of Mouth Harps. An Indian-born French-American, Neptune spends his summers traveling to meet makers and collecting different forms of this unique, ancient musical instrument, and in the rest of the year he can be found with his World Harps collection every week at the famous Arpora Saturday Night Market in Goa, India, open between the months of November and April.

World Harps is the result of Neptune’s travels, and of years of passion for playing and promoting the Mouth Harp in an effort to help keep this ancient instrument alive. He maintains stock in three countries: India, USA, and France, so if you are interested in purchasing a Mouth Harp please contact him and ask him where he is to be found at this time!