Mouth Harps from Austria

In Austria, Mouth Harps are called Maultrommel, meaning ‘Mouth Drum’.

Austria has a long history of Mouth Harp making. In one small village in Northern Austria, in an area rich in iron ore, a century ago there were over a hundred families producing mouth harps for export all over Europe and the rest of the world. At present, only three Maultrommel makers remain in this same village:

Schwartz mass-produces his instruments entirely with machines. World Harps doesn’t stock these!
Wimmer fashions the frames by hand, then cuts the tongues and crimps them by machine.
These are the most basic Mouth Harps in the World Harps Collection.
Jofen forges his Maultrommel by hand, and each instrument is individually tuned to scale.
These are fine Mouth Harps, great for musicians who like to play in tune along with other instruments!

UPDATE: Master Sepp Jofen has recently completely ceased production, due to his old age.
Any remaining stock of Jofen’s Maultrommel in the World Harps Collection are among his final pieces, last purchased in 2013.

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Austria Wimmer Steel Basic
Maker: Wimmer
Material: Steel
Wholesale $6.00 ea.
Suggested Retail $12.00
(Minimum 5 per order)

Austria Jofen Iron Tuned (C,D,E,F,G,A)
Maker: Jofen
Material: Steel
Wholesale $30.00 ea.
Suggested Retail $45.00
(Minimum 2 per order, assorted keys OK)

This wholesale price list is exclusively for businesses in the USA who wish to carry a selection of Mouth Harps from the World Harps Collection for resale.
Please browse all designs according to country.
To place an order, email your choice of each Mouth Harp’s Name & Unique Code in a list with desired quantities to Please also include your business name and location, along with your website and contact info.
A minimum of five (5) Mouth Harps per each design selected will qualify for a wholesale order, unless otherwise specified.
Wholesale orders should total to at least $100.00.
To request a lesser amount if needed, please contact Neptune:

Note: Retail orders are also available if you are not an established business.
Retail prices are mentioned.

Please keep in mind that all of these Mouth Harps are collected by Neptune as he regularly travels across the world, so your order will be reviewed and responded to as soon as possible.
Thank you!