Mouth Harps from Estonia

In Estonia, Mouth Harps are called Parmupill.

The name Parmupill means ‘Horse-fly instrument’ in the Estonian language, for the noise that it makes is reminiscent of the sound of an insect’s wings vibrating. “Parm” in Estonian means horse-fly, and “Pill” means instrument. The Mouth Harp has also traditionally been called “Konnapill” meaning “frog instrument”, or “Lõuapill” meaning jaw instrument or Jaw Harp.
Moppel, the maker of these fine Parmupills, is truly a master. His instruments are perfectly tuned, spanning completely across two and a half chromatic octaves. These Parmupills are also Neptune Chapotin’s Mouth Harps of choice for performing on stage. He keeps a diatonic set in his personal case at all times, and he plays them in concerts across the world.
The highest range of keys are stiff, loud, and brisk. They can be played with a mean double-stroke, and are percussive and sharp. The mid to low range are warm, throaty, and resonant. And the super low range…are incomparable. Raspy, light, and slow, they produce a growl so deep that one’s breath simply aligns itself to the instrument’s own vibrations.

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Estonia Parmupill
Maker: Moppel
Material: Steel / Wood & Leather case
Wholesale $55.00 ea.
Suggested Retail $90.00

(Minimum 2 per order)

Please select from available keys:
EST-MOP-ST-PARMUPILL/A0  [ 3 in stock ]
EST-MOP-ST-PARMUPILL/C1 [ 2 in stock ]
EST-MOP-ST-PARMUPILL/D1 [ 2 in stock ]
EST-MOP-ST-PARMUPILL/G1 [ 2 in stock ]
EST-MOP-ST-PARMUPILL/A1 [ 3 in stock ]
EST-MOP-ST-PARMUPILL/C2 [ 1 in stock ]
EST-MOP-ST-PARMUPILL/D2 [ 2 in stock ]
EST-MOP-ST-PARMUPILL/E2 [ 3 in stock ]
EST-MOP-ST-PARMUPILL/F2 [ 1 in stock ]
EST-MOP-ST-PARMUPILL/G2 [ 3 in stock ]
EST-MOP-ST-PARMUPILL/A2 [ 2 in stock ]

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