Mouth Harps from Italy

Scacciapensieri, the name for Mouth Harp in Italian, literally means
“Thought Chaser”.

This is exactly what can happen when one gets totally immersed in playing this instrument. Thoughts disappear as the vibrations fill your head and the music fills your soul.

On the Mediterranean island of Sicily, the Mouth Harp is known as Marranzano, and it is an instrument deeply rooted in traditional Sicilian music.
Before microphones and amplified sound, if a Marranzano was not loud enough to be heard alongside other instruments, it was considered worthless. Therefore the tongues of Marranzanos are typically quite stiff, so they can be very loud!
These Marranzanos by Master Giué are fashioned out of rebar, with the tongues cut from garage door springs. Large medium and small, the three sizes offer a range of pitch for lows, middles, and highs.

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SALE! Wholesale prices discounted as marked:

Italy (Sicily) Iron Marranzano Small
Maker: Giué
Material: Iron
Wholesale $16.00 SALE $14.00 ea.
Suggested Retail $25.00
(Minimum 3 per order)

Italy (Sicily) Iron Marranzano Medium
Maker: Giué
Material: Iron
Wholesale $19.50 SALE $17.00 ea.
Suggested Retail $30.00
(Minimum 2 per order)

Italy (Sicily) Iron Marranzano Large
Maker: Giué
Material: Iron
Wholesale $23.00 SALE $20.00 ea.
Suggested Retail $35.00
(Minimum 2 per order)

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